Musicians, composers, producers, etc.

Mongrel Label can  publish your music. But only when it make us completely subjectively delighted.

If we don’t want to do this, it means that your music is not in our „sound spectrum”. Just this! And probably you will find the way to release your music with someone else.

There is no reviewing music.

We do not judge music.

REMEMBER - if you want us to be interested in your music send link with information about you - do not send files, we do not pick them!

Radio, TV, YouTube etc.

Most of the music from Mongrel Label catalog is On-Air somewhere.

However, our aim is to “give music to people“. So, we are open to cooperation. If your radio or television wants to use music from our catalog – write to us.

If you are a YouTuber and want to use our music – write to us.

Music lovers, etc.

If the music is so important to you as breathing – more important than food or sleep – we’re the same.

Register on our site – we will inform you about any news.

If you want to publish a review of our music – send it to us.

We are in touch…