Thirteen Steps

Thirteen Steps

©2014 Mongrel Label

album notes:
Storytelling is an art of creating alternative worlds. You can tell it by images, words, drawings, dance, body, live action… You can tell it by the music. To be “inside” story told by music, you have to trust the composer. For a moment, assume that the expedition on which you take is safe. Giving yourself to the rhythm, melody, sounds. When you do this, you manage to touch the “other world”. Later, you can “understand”. Assess. Criticize. Decide whether you want to go back there again or not. But until you “touch”, you do not feel it – you can not say anything about it – because it’s not your story.

„thirteen steps” is a selection of works written in 2013. All this music was created for the movies.

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We also invite you to watch the video for song “lady of the lake” and “empty lust

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